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Sibylle Rauch (* June 14th 1960 in Munich ; actually Erika Roswitha smoke ) is a German actress and porn star . She has a sister, Sylvie Rauch (born 20 May 1962 in Munich), with whom she frequently together.

For the first time it was known in 1979 as Playmate of the month of June in the German edition of Playboy . From 1980 to 2000, she starred in more than 20 films. She started her career with a soft erotic movies such as Let itch buddy Part 6 . The height of their fame they achieved through their appearances in several episodes of the film series popsicles . Since 1987, she was then in more than 20 hardcore videos with such a private moment and Sisters in Love with her ​​sister Sylvie.
To keep pace in spite of her age with younger colleagues, they had during their careers several times their breasts enlarge . In the late 1990s continued their cocaine addiction and a suicide attempt in September 1997, her film career to an end. In 2005 she played a supporting role in the comedy film Coming to pan-Eickel .
She currently lives in Bavaria , and occurs occasionally in erotic shows and in television reports. Sibylle Rauch began in early 2006 for a brothel in Austria Klagenfurt work, [1] that it just after New Year 2007 because one of its customers against an outspoken rape allegation left.
Sibylle Rauch has cured her drug addiction through a successful therapy.
In 2001, the TV two-parter was the sinful girl turn, inspired by Sibylle Rauch's life story. Her role was of Anna Loos played.

Her Best Seller Movies

The quack and his daughters fixed
Three Lederhosen in St. Tropez
Popsicle 3 - flirtations ( Shifshuf Naim )
How the World Champions
Let's go, buddy
The Amazing Adventures of the guru Jakob
Fleet beasts at school
ice lollies - rabbit hunt 2 ( Sababa )
Plem, Plem - The school is burning
A man such as EVA
The Story
Loft - New Blackboard Jungle
Alpha City - Ballad of the night
The Miracle
How true is Nik?
Born for Love (Porno Movie)
Popsicle 7 - boys in love ( Ahava Tzeira )
popsicles 8 - Summertime Blues ( Summertime Blues: Lemon Popsicle VIII )
Dirty Woman: Part One - Seasons of the Bitch (Adult Film)
Dirty Woman: Part Two - We Love You to Death (porn movie)
Private Moments: Part Two - The Story Continues (porn movie)
Rauch Sisters: Double Trouble (Adult Film)
Scandal in the girls boarding school! (Porn film)
Cross Club - The Legend Of The Living Dead
The Prince of pan-Eickel

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